Nowadays many applications support two factor authentication with SMS messages to increase the level of security of your account.
You login with a username/password and a secret code is sent to your phone to double check it’s really you.

It is hilarious how sometimes software vulnerabilities are introduced while trying to increase the level of the security…

At this address you can find the suggested way to handle a code received in a text message on Android. It is the official Android documentation from Google, available in many Stackoverflow answers too and currently implemented in many mobile applications.

Malware could…

In the 80s MSX was a really popular home computer; the scene was huge in Europe and Japan. It was based on the glorious Z80 CPU and it was a sort of open standard (released by Microsoft and ASCII Corporation). You could have bought an MSX built by Philips, Sony, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Hitachi, Canon, Casio or any other manufacturer. An MSX built in Japan by Toshiba was 100% compatible with an MSX built in Europe by Philips!

The universal programming language to develop on this glorious machine was Basic..and of course the Z80 machine code.

I was 10 years old…

It has been a long time since I cracked some software. I was using W32Dasm, SoftIce and Hex32 back in 1998; they represented the 3 pillars of any respectable reverse engineer and disrespectful cracker. At that time I decided to hibernate the little evil cracker in me to focus on more boring activities, like software development.

Can we speed up the cycle to the next product revolution?


Creating something new is a privilege that just few people can experience during their life.

We all have ideas, great ideas, I know, but just some of us really work hard on these ideas to make them real. The reason why almost everybody does not even try is probably the failure rate. It is very high, so damn high that makes the whole “create something new” business too risky.

It is so difficult! There are so many uncertainties, so many leaps of faith. You will doubt about yourself and your assumptions almost every day!

Most of you have been there…

Sergio Giucastro

Software developer, passionate about reverse engineering, mobile development, 3d realtime rendering and game development

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